The Atlanta Bulldogs Football and Cheer Academy is a non-profit 5013c organization that is dedicated to enhancing

community short falls, by providing nutritional, scholastic, societal and athletic programs to at risk youth. To also promote

healthy systematic life transitioning from childhood to adulthood with resources and support designed to influence, inspire

and ignite positive growth. Encompassed in this mission, the Atlanta Bulldogs Academy strives to instill in our student athletes

the values of hard work, teamwork, discipline, respect for others and oneself. We promote good character, constant

perseverance, integrity, and not only a will to win on the playing field, but also in life. Our program is for everyone, regardless

of race, gender, religion, or ability level.



The Atlanta Bulldogs Football and Cheer Academy build upon these principles, focus on these ideals, and adds to it our

own philosophy of teamwork and inclusiveness:
TEAMWORK: We strive to teach our athletes the importance of unity and brotherhood through breaking social and economic

barriers while focusing on one common goal. This philosophy will play an integral part in providing a positive environment

that supports growth, discipline, and goal setting as the athletes learn to work together as one to achieve a common goal.

Whether that is winning a league championship or a top tier cheer competition the athletes within this program will

understand the true value of the word ”TEAM”.